Multiplayer FAQ

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This is a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding multiplayer in Fae Farm.

How many players does Fae Farm support?

  • There are a maximum of four players in a game.

Can you pause the game in multiplayer?

  • Yes!

Can I join a friend with my character?

  • Every person joining a hosts world will have to create a separate character for that world.
  • Progress made on that world is limited to it and saved in the hosts save file for that world.

What progress from the host is shared with people joining the world?

  • You will get Wings and your Magic Staff based on the hosts progress.
  • Tool progression does not carry over.
  • Players will have to pick up recopies in the new world.

What's available to me from the host?

  • All activated Wayshrines on the dungeons and map are available to all players.
  • All players can access and share storage but not inventory.
  • All players can care for and tend to animals.
  • Florins (money) is shared between all players.
  • Newly joining players will not gain house bonuses until the second day.
  • Hosts with Cozy Cabin DLC will share it with all players in the world; similarly, those without will not have it available to others in their world.
  • Unlocking dyes is done individually rather than shared.

How do other players impact me?

  • Sleeping will end the day for all players.
  • Some, but not all quest progress is shared.

Who can join my game?

  • Only players you invite or allow in can join your game.
  • The host can kick players at any time.
  • On Switch, you can host a LAN session and anyone with a Switch in physical range can join your world without an invite, but you don't have to turn this on.

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