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What languages is the game available in?

  • Fae Farm is playable in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain, Latin America), Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Japanese and Korean.

How do I create a Phoenix Labs Account and change my name?

  • To change your name, you'll need to create a Phoenix Labs account here. This will enable multiplayer, as well as allow you to change your in-game name.

Can players create their own character in Fae Farm?

  • Upon starting the game, players will be able to create their own unique character, choosing from a variety of body sizes and shapes, skin tones, as well as hair and facial features and pronouns. Once they’ve started to play, players will get to collect many different outfits to further customize their character. Later they’ll unlock a mirror that will allow them to change their appearance whenever they like.

Can players establish relationships in Fae Farm?

  • Players can befriend a number of denizens in the world of Azoria, and certain characters will be romanceable as well. This allows players to build strong bonds and deepen their relationship with these non-playable characters as they progress through the game, eventually leading to a wedding!

Is multiplayer required to enjoy Fae Farm?

  • Fae Farm is already fantastic when played solo. Players can build their homestead, tend to crops and animals as well as progress through the game and complete its epic journey as a single-player experience. A cooperative experience playing with friends and family is optional and easy to set up!

Does Fae Farm have online or co-op gameplay?

  • Fae Farm can also be enjoyed with friends and family. Either online, or locally via the ad-hoc wireless feature, players can invite anyone who already owns the game to visit their homestead and help them grow their farm, traverse the dungeons and progress through the game together. Multiple save options also allow players to enjoy Fae Farm with different groups of friends and family.

The day ended before I could register my animal and it disappeared.

  • You should be able to pick up your animal waiting in the stall near where you purchased it.

My quest to breed one of each colored animal won't advance.

  • Each animal comes with a unique color, you'll need to buy and successfully breed each of these 6 base colors, only buying them will not count.
  • In addition to that, you'll need to use one of each colored charm and successfully breed that color, note that not every attempt will be successful so make sure you check the color after breeding.

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